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Blood components

Blood circulation throughout the body, the oxygen and nutrients needed to supply the body and will produce carbon dioxide and wastes away. And fighting to keep the body healthy and disease.

Some components in the blood, can make the views of blood coagulation does not occur in the body. However, once outside the blood vessels, will lose liquidity, coagulation and thrombosis.

This is because there is a liquid substance called Fibrinogen in the blood out of the blood vessels. It becomes insoluble substance makes blood clotting. With other proteins of Fibrinogen and serum known as the liquid component of blood, or plasma.

Later said red cells, white cells, platelets, also called formed elements of the blood cells.

1 blood cell and serum

Observed in the outflow of blood in vitro glass containers, she found blood quickly into gel State.

After 5-15 minutes, you can see the clear liquid, this time, blood clots will be gradually reduced. And this narrow blood clots are blood cells, transparent liquid is serum.

2. red blood cells

RBC is one of the formed elements of the blood, red blood cell is a cell without a nucleus, a double concave disc-shaped, it has the function of transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide.

How much do as to the number of red blood cells in the human body, according to statistics, in 1 cubic millimeter of blood, about 5 million red blood cells, and they are free.

Red blood cells are mainly manufactured in the bone marrow, the destruction of red blood cells in the liver of aging. Blood is red, was as a result of red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which will combine with oxygen and will deliver oxygen to the body.

If the blood-forming organs diseases or bleeding. Such as pernicious anemia, acute infectious diseases, will reduce the number of red blood cells. In the thin air of the Highlands, will increase the number of red blood cells.

3. white blood cells is the nucleus of the cell. It had swallowed foreign body, function to prevent bacterial invasion. White blood cells than red blood cells, the number of less is more red blood cells. In a cubic millimeter of blood, white blood cells concentration 6000~8000.

White blood cells are like the Amoeba, deformation and movement all the time. Sometimes it would go beyond the capillaries, stretching its fake enough to capture bacteria and digested by bacteria, which is known as leukocytes phagocytosis. Manufacture of organs of the white blood cells are bone marrow and lymph nodes. White blood cells observed under the microscope, according to white blood cells form will it be divided into three categories. However, calls white blood cells. If some part of axillary, increase in the number of white blood cells in the blood, in order to prevent the spread of inflammation, inflammation controls, white blood cell count King returns to normal levels. However, suffering from typhoid, measles and other diseases, the Mahi will reduce the number of white blood cells.