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The pulmonary circulation (small circulation)

Preceding cycle (cycle), whose main function is to transport nutrients andoxygen to the body, and unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions and waste, andtransported back to the lungs, into the pulmonary circulation.


The main function of the pulmonary circulation, is in the systemiccirculation is unnecessary carbon dioxide and wastescontaminated blood,transported to the lungs, removing excess carbon dioxide, oxygen, and keepthe blood pH of moderately.


Venous blood from the body to the heart, into the right atrium, then fromthe right atrium into the right ventricle and was sent from there names forthe pulmonary blood vessels. Pulmonary artery is divided into two roads onthe way. Stretch respectively to the left and right lung, and lung and intocapillaries.


The blood reach the lungs, releasing carbon dioxide, receiving oxygen,oxygenated blood through the Pulmonary veins into the left atrium from theleft atrium into the left ventricle, in accordance with the foregoing intocirculation.


So, according to a heart of cardiac pulmonary-‘ pulmonary venous bloodcirculation routes, known as pulmonary or lesser circulation.