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Preventing high blood pressure tips

High blood pressure is a serious of important diseases affecting humanhealth, especially for older adults, high blood pressure once the attack maybe lifethreatening. However, the master of the onset of high blood pressure, attention in daily life, I would like to prevent high blood pressure it would not be difficult.

Hypertension causes details
Genetic factors
About half of patients have a family history of hypertension.
Environmental factors
Almost all diseases are closely associated with the environment, and high blood pressure are no exception.
(1) weight: high incidence of obesity.
(2) the birth control pill.
(3) sleep apneahypopnea syndrome.
(4) age: trends in prevalence increased with age, high incidence of personsover the age of 40.
(5) diet: intake of salt, high incidence of high blood pressure, considersalt <2g/, almost no hypertension; 3-4g/day 3%,4-15g/day incidence ofhypertension, incidence incidence 33.15%,>20G/30%.
Preventing high blood pressure alert error
High salt diet
Put salt in the dish can indeed make the taste buds to satisfy, especiallyof young people like to eat in Sichuan hot pot, pickled vegetables contain a lot of salt, too much salt can lead to adverse physiological reactions andcan cause certain diseases, especially hypertension. This is because too many sodium ions in the salt is absorbed into the blood, sodium and waterretention, leading to increased blood volume, blood pressure, and can alsocause edema of vascular smooth muscle cells, blood vessel lumen narrowing,also can cause blood pressure to rise. Why blood pressure rises when water pipe pressure constant, blocking half of faucet (lumen narrowing), water pressure increases, the water in the pipes will erupt from the inside out.
From the perspective of prevention and treatment of hypertension, the dailysalt intake should be what is best? Most medical studies suggest that idealintake of 1.5~2.3 g/day, but the target is not realistic. World Health Organization adult salt intake < 5 g/day of hypertension in China inaccordance with China‘s national conditions and puts daily intakes < 6g/day.


Excessive alcohol consumption
Drink less than 5 cents a day, can be eliminated from the body. Many young people, like 35 friends to get together for dinner, bars. Daily drinking anda large amount of time, can increase cardiac contractility, increasedweight, and other changes in the body, a long period of time, can causeliver and brain lesions.
No high blood pressure people to drink less, not more than five a day, high blood pressure blood pressure is not controlled to drink is appropriate.
Meditationa lack of physical activity to stay up with stress
Modern office workers of movement is more and more limited, most of the daysitting in a Chair for a long time, and Chengdu, like to play mahjong;teenagers like the Internet; out car, putting a lot of time at the seat,very little physical activity. Physical impairment, and the accumulation offat, weight gain, blood pressure significantly improve.
Psychological pressure and long are two best friends, often accompanied byhand in hand. Reasons for staying up late is working overtime and recreationmaintain a high degree of psychological pressure, also can make blood pressure soaring.
Overweight and obesity
Avoid overweight and obesity is not only for aesthetic reasons, obesity,especially abdominal Central obesity a lot of fat accumulation, is an important cause of high blood pressure and heart disease. Fat in contains large on body harmful of material, damage cardiovascular and body important organ, is raised hypertension of important reasons, now increasingly more of obesity, especially child, is hypertension and cardiovascular disease produced of important based, often is excessive nutrition, high fat diet, and lack movement of consequences, obesity never is health of performance, now has is a serious of public health problem, must from when and good of lifestyle do up.
And out to prevent hypertension
To maintain ease, avoiding and exultation. In the mood swings, when there is a big or great sorrow and sympathetic nervous excitement, rapid heartbeat,increased peripheral vascular resistance, diastolic pressure increased, sorepeatedly elevated blood pressure, it can cause disease. This requires theaged failing to calm face not liking things, would show restraint. Learn torelease the bitter way, such as talking with family members, old friends,express your ideas and requirements each when you desire to lose his temper,they left the scene, to do other things, or change the subject, distraction,so that angry complaints are addressed.
To regular life. For older adults, a regular life is very important toprevent hypertension. First of all older people alternate work with rest,moderation of work and rest. Keep 7-9 hours a day sleeping and 1-2 hours of sports. Weak tea, not smoking, drinking less alcohol use (drinking a small amount of white wine). Ingredient nicotine in cigarettes can be madesympathetic, peripheral vasoconstriction and blood pressure rise; wineingredients in alcohol impaired cardiac diastolic function, atheroscleroticvascular walls, and prone to high blood pressure.
Diet should be supplemented with adequate nutrition for the elderly withoutprinciple of obesity, because obesity can lead to elevated blood pressure,increases the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Weekday to avoid overeating, dominated by light, try to eat or not to eatfat Atsumi. To control the amount of salt when cooking, amount to 4~6 gramsper day is advisable. Supplements of calciumrich foods such as milk,shrimp, carrots, honey, calcium has the effect of lowering blood pressure.Obese older people, to stick to diet and exercise, and not blindly takingmedicine, so as to avoid side effects.
Take part in sports. Practice shows that appropriate participation insports, shujin active, unblocked blood, has certain effect on the preventionof hypertension. According to their own situation and conditions of thesurrounding environment, choose brisk walking, jogging, Tai Chi, fencing,swimming, table tennis and so on. Do each exercise, should pay attention to the amount of exercise, step by step, persevere, to bear fruit.
Often listening to music. The beautiful music, can make people happy,relaxing the brain, so as to avoid excessive tension that raise blood pressure, prevent hypertension.