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Knowledge of blood pressure and blood circulation

In recognition of high blood pressure, one must first understand the basicknowledge of blood pressure and blood circulation. Its principle is notcomplicated, and understanding it is not difficult. Weiblood pressure, isdue to the contraction of the heart function, sending blood around the bodyafter two weeks. Flow back to the heart, and that‘s from the heart sendblood pressure affect blood vessel walls, blood vessel expansion. This forceis called pressure. It can be seen. The heart is the center of circulation.


Nutrients in food and drink, and after a fairly complex process of digestionand absorption in the body, eventually by blood intake and intake of oxygenthrough breathing, heart to blood vessels, then transport to various partsof the body in order to meet the needs of the body‘s metabolism.


Blood in addition to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body,also will be the site of the waste out of the body, then x to accept newoxygen and nutrients. Again from the heart served on various parts of thebody.


This means that the heart is the Centre of blood circulation. It throughtheir own regular contractile activity, so that the blood flow throughoutthe body.


The cycle path can be divided into the systemic circulation of blood(cycle), the pulmonary circulation (small circulation), cardiac (coronarycirculation).