Systemic circulation (circulation)

Systemic circulation and circulation, and the pulmonary circulation, bloodflow is an important route.
Blood from the left ventricle output along big arterial flow. Separate main artery from bi arterial arch modified from Alday, t flow body: the leftcommon carotid artery and the subclavian artery and the head tube thousandsof arteries and arterial flow to the lower part of the body, are separatedby the descending aorta abdominal aorta, renal artery, mesenteric stoutnessartery and continues with arteries, extending to various parts of the body.


Branched arteries, in various parts of the body to form microvessels, sendthe oxygen and nutrients to every cell, and takes away carbon dioxide andother waste in a cell. Give off oxygen and nutrients in the microvascularand accept blood carbon dioxide and wastes, in order to flush out carbon dioxide and waste, you must consult the vein once again flow back to theheart.


Such a branch along the main artery of the heart artery a body part(capillary) one vein, one heart‘s blood line, known as the systemiccirculation, also known as the loop.


So-called high blood pressure is reached in the microvascular circulationbefore, blood pressure and achieve a higher than normal condition.