Prevention of disease

Hypertension is a common disease, are also common symptoms of certaindiseases, such as Endocrinology,) worthy of brain disease, vascular disease,kidney disease, cotton often stops have high blood pressure. Also,hypertension is the most important cardiocerebrovascular disease riskCathay can severely damage the brain, heart, kidney, and other importantWINS, increased stroke, Hua to death, myocardial infarction and theincidence of arterial hypertension complications such as rickets formed, CAIrang, serious human health. In China, the high blood pressure patients hasreached more than 160 million people, and deaths related to the hazard ofhigh blood pressure in the population is mainly cerebral vascular accident.Current rate of interest of cerebral vascular disease in China is about500/100,000, ranking first in the world, new complete stroke patients every year about 1.5 million people, year 1 million people died of a brain stroke,patients with existing cerebrovascular disease 50.016 billion. Road leftvarying severity of hemiplegia and aphasia and dementia, such as people with disabilities, of which more than 70 Dang in patients with different degreeof incapacity, unable to take care of. High prevalence of hypertension in China, has attracted great attention of the Government and the medicalprofession. Ministry of health since 1998, October 8 of every year asnational day of Shangqiu, aimed at people to mobilize to preventhypertension, improve citizen health. Active antihypertensive therapy is toreduce cardiovascular disease complications and of effective measures toreduce mortality, international, forward-looking hypertension optimaltreatment clinical trials (H0T study) found that hypertension optimaltreatment of target value should be 135/83mmllg (17.96/J1.04kl )). In other words, than our traditional understanding of blood pressure should bereduced to 140/90mmHg (18.62ll.97kpa) lower as well. Good for blood pressurecontrol in the ideal level, doctors and patients from all walks of life in China has become a pressing and arduous task.


High blood pressure is essentially a lifestyle disease, and is made up ofmultiple genetic and environmental interaction of multiple risk factors of asystemic disease. Hypertension epidemic widely, the world number more than500 million not only expensive treatment and course of lengthy, time-consuming and thus a healthy lifestyle to prevent high blood pressure, that is, primary prevention of hypertension by the worldwide concern. Studieshave found that among early prevention and treatment could take the animalswith disabilities Xi Shi nu disease yongcheng whales and boring in acutemyocardial infarction and stroke by half, also for the expected value of1/4, which is a great contribution to the community as a whole. A healthylifestyle is not only prevention of cardiovascular diseases, but alsoprevent cancer, diabetes, Osteoporosis Center pines and a variety ofdiseases and effective method.

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