Franfurt Germany Tour Frankfurt is one of Germany

Franfurt Germany Tour Frankfurt is one of Germany’s important cities, being the biggest international financial and trade center of Europe Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. It’s famous for it’s skyline – a line of towering skyscrapers which is mostly consisting of banks and other financial institutions. Frankfurt is better known in the country as Frankfurt am Main, since there are 2 cities which are named the same. Main is the river which flows through the city thus the source for the city skyline’s nickname Mainhattan Replica Cartier Love Rings. The metropolis of Frankfurt is not that big. You can easily tour the main attractions in 1 day. But as most cities in Germany, it’s normally divided into 2 attractions, the old and the new city. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Frankfurt was heavily bombed during WW2, there’s not much left of the old city, but still something worth seeing. One of the most important historical old buildings, housing the election of the former German kings and emperors during the early times. Since 1405, it has been used as the city hall. The area where the Roemer is, the Roemerberg, offers a surrounding of beautiful old houses, used nowadays as stores and restaurants. The Kaiserdom – Emperor’s Cathedral As the name says, the Emperor’s Cathedral. This church was used as the venue of the coronation of the new emperor or king. In front of this church is an archaeological finding of an ancient sauna used by the Romans when they were colonizing the area. Frankfurt is the home of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of the world’s most famous poets. The house of Goethe is located in the inner city and is open for public viewing. The Goethe Museum is just right next to it, housing a very rich Goethe collection. A Walk Crossing the River Main From the old city, you can walk down to the river then cross a pedestrian bridge called Eiserner Steg (iron bridge). From the other side of the bridge, you can properly see the skyline. The road parallel to the river is called Museumufer – Museums on the river bank – lining up a variety of museums. You can walk more until you arrive at another pedestrian bridge called Holbeinsteg. After crossing that bridge, look for the Nizza Garden. This garden is unique because it contains tropical plants and palms in an open German climate.

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fabric hoarding and a purse I can even come up with a clever title for this post (see above). The last two weeks have been a blur–slammed with work deadlines, a fun-but-all-too-fast trip to Portland (Oregon), and these two adorable children who keep calling me Mommy and insist that I feed, clothe and clean them. In the meantime, I longing to sew. And send stuff off that I already sewn (JennaZ–your book sling is done and lovely, I just having a dickens of a time finding a mailing tube that long enough for it. It my No. 1 priority for tomorrow. Er, today. It tomorrow already.). One thing I have managed to find time for is buying fabric. What is my deal? I should probably not write another post encouraging underconsumption until I rein in this habit Our trip to Portland last week included an important stop: Ikea. Without sales tax. Weeeee! Plus, fabric was on sale. (Justification alert. Justification alert.) Then, when I got back home, I stopped at the Quilting Bee in Spokane Valley because they having a sale. I bought some adorable circus fabric that I going to use with this pattern–Feliz party dress from Studio Tantrum. So girly and fun. Somewhere along the way I did manage to sew this purse, roughly following this pattern from Favorite Things. I fully intended to follow it exactly, but–I have to be honest here–I couldn understand half of what they were telling me in the directions Has anyone else used Favorite Things before? I not trying to badmouth them–I sure it more my problem than theirs–but at one point I felt like turning the instructions upside down to see if that helped. The purse turned out fine, but making it hurt my head. You basically trace a silhouette onto a child painting, cut it out, then paste it on a white background. Simple. Brilliant. Beautiful. first saw the idea on Ohdeedoh and there was some conversation there about how damaging it would be to a child self-esteem to repurpose their art Hmmm . I just told the girls from the beginning that this was what we were going to do. Bo helped me trace and paste. Viola! She loved the finished product and so do I.

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Pregnancy-induced hypertension

Women during pregnancy, blood pressure rises, it can be called ahypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy, with pregnancy-inducedhypertension (PIH) is most common.


PIH occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy, symptoms include edema, proteinuriaand hypertension.


In addition to the above symptoms, sometimes pumping (this symptom is known as eclampsia), which is a more serious situation.


Pregnancy-induced hypertension is one of the characteristics of systemicarterial spasm. Therefore, pregnancy-induced hypertension that is blood vessel spasms. Fundus examination, one finds that spasm of retinal arterynarrowing.


However, the cause of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome is still notclear. Generally thought to be pregnant, placenta due to special materialproduced by the kidney and vascular systems.


However, high blood pressure in pregnant women, are not caused by pregnancy-induced hypertension. Essential hypertension and chronic nephritis occurs.


Hypertension in pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome although there willbe, however, often less than 200/120 mm Hg.


Essential hypertension and high blood pressure caused by chronic nephritis,sometimes greater than 200/120 mm Hg.


Aortic stenosis caused by hypertension


Arteries such as infected by the narrow circumstances, good will have to beset back, so blood pressure will increase.


If it is a congenital anomaly, it cannot be treated with medication, surgerymust be done to heal.


Aortic stenosis caused by high blood pressure, if the disease can be lifethreatening. However, high blood pressure, and other examples of barrierfree. Treatment need according to doctor‘s instructions.

Pathogenic factors and mechanism of hypertension

The causes of hypertension complicated so far are inconclusive, currentlythought to be the genetic basis of certain normal blood pressure due toseveral acquired factors on regulation mechanism of decompensation, thefollowing factors may be related to disease:


(1) genetic: hypertension have a clear-cut familial, children of parents whoare high blood pressure high blood pressure high blood pressure than normalpercentage of family children 2-3, biological children and adopted childrenwhile living in hypertensive patients the same, but the former are more likely to develop high blood pressure.
(2) diet: mean population blood pressure associated with the intake of salt,insufficient intake of potassium and calcium in the diet, sodium/potassiumratio increases susceptibility to high blood pressure, and high potassiumand high calcium diets may reduce the incidence of high blood pressure.Reduce total fat intake, reducing saturated fatty acid ratio and increasethe unsaturated fatty acids can decreased the mean population blood pressure. The prevalence rate of hypertension in Chronic drinkers, andalcohol consumption is proportional to.
(3) the occupational and environment: work has long been engaged in highlyfocused, long-term mental stress, prolonged adverse environmental noise andVisual stimuli are susceptible to high blood pressure.
(4) other: smoking, obesity, high prevalence of hypertension.


Cardiac and peripheral vascular resistance are the two major factorsaffecting systemic arterial pressure, they are systemic and local neural andhumoral factor under the regulation in a State of flux and reflux in orderto maintain the homeostasis of blood. Fluctuation of physiological stressresponse, such as those regulating mechanism of decompensation, leading toincreased systemic arteriolar resistance or (and) blood circulationincreasing hypertension occurs. Currently the pathogenesis of essential hypertension has not been completely clarified, there are several theories:


(L) spirit, and neural theory: spirit source theory think in external stimulus Xia, patients appeared more long-term or repeatedly more obviously of spirit tension, and anxiety, and upset, mood changes Shi, cortex excited, inhibit balance disorders that cannot normal exercise Word section and control cortex Xia central activities of function, sympathetic activities enhanced, shuting vascular Central outgoing to shrink vascular of impulse dominant, to makes small artery contraction, around vascular resistance rose, blood pressure rose.


(2) kidney pigment a vascular tension pigment a aldehyde solid ketone (RAA) system balance disorders: kidney deficiency blood Shi stimulus kidney ball into ball artery Shang of ball next cell secretion kidney pigment, kidney pigment in liver, and lung, and kidney by synthesis activities Hou formed vascular tension pigment, they has strongly of contraction vascular role, and can prompted water sodium retention in body, stimulus sympathetic section increased to methyl adrenaline secretion, to makes blood pressure increased.


(3) genetics, said: epidemiology, animal experiments and molecular cellresearch indicated that genetic role in hypertension. Current geneticfactors it is difficult to argue that a single high blood pressure,hypertension this genetic types with a variety of genes, and the latter hasa major effect factors on formation of high blood pressure.


(4) excessive sodium intake: that in areas of high salt intake andpopulation, the high prevalence rate of hypertension and low salt intakearea crowds, such as Eskimos in Alaska, you hardly have high blood pressure.Sodium retention increase the extracellular fluid volume, cardiac outputincreased primary arterial wall caused by water content increased, causingincreases in peripheral resistance can be pathogenesis.


(5) high insulin: discovered in recent years in fasting insulin levels were higher than normal in patients with hypertension, insulin resistance andglucose tolerance decrease the incidence of high blood pressure is higherthan normal. Hyperinsulinemia may be through increased intracellular sodiumconcentrations increased vascular resistance and increased sympatheticactivity and lead to high blood pressure.


(6) other: studies suggest that high blood pressure may be associated withrenal Medulla prostaglandin synthesis of vasodilator effect of a or edeficiencies related, smoking, excessive drinking, excessive intake ofcarbohydrates to fat people are prone to high blood pressure. In recent years, vasopressin, the role of Endothelin and other peptides inducedhypertension also attracted people‘s attention.

Pyelonephritis and hypertension

Renal pelvis accompanied with kidney, is the body of concentrated urine. This stream of urine to ureters, bladder, urethra and into the body.

If Escherichia coli and other bacteria from the urethra into the renal pelvis, causing inflammation, and this inflammation extending to the kidneys, it is known as pyelonephritis.

If it is acute pyelonephritis, most will also be cystitis and urethritis.

First 2-3 days, physical discomfort, and will have headache, whipping pain view, increased frequency of urination will be and feel very sticky when urinating, urinary pain.

Body temperature varies throughout the day. Urine is cloudy. Found in the urine red blood cell, white blood cell count r increased protein in the urine can also serve as gradually increased. However, the view did not immediately rise in blood pressure.

In addition, if it is caused by stones in pyelonephritis, removal of stones is the most effective treatment method. Or the use of antibiotics can also serve as cured. However, if there is no cure and become chronic and can cause high blood pressure.

… Cyst and renal hypertension

Kidney cyst is called renal cyst. It very similar symptoms and chronic nephritis. However, because when you do a urine check research, sometimes no protein and red blood cells, contribute immeasurably higher, so it’s hard to get the disease. However, it will also serve as a cause of high blood pressure.

Like I said, because of kidney disease caused by high blood pressure, are collectively known as renal hypertension.

Renal hypertension is due to kidney disease(Replica Cartier Bracelets, Replica Cartier Love Rings), so also is called secondary hypertension. This causal relationship due to primary hypertension caused kidney disease, is exactly the opposite.

Owing to deterioration caused by hypertension and kidney dysfunction, such as renal Lou shrinkage, it is called primary renal atrophy. If caused by nephritis and kidney Kwai, and is called the inferior renal atrophy. In addition to essential hypertension in addition to about half of the patients with hypertension are nephritis-thus the cause of secondary hypertension. Patients with chronic nephritis, 80m have high blood pressure.

Apart from hereditary high blood pressure or not, if it is green, middle age has high blood pressure, mostly on renal hypertension. As for other diseases caused by high blood pressure does not mean no, but too few examples below describes several items for your reference:

Secondary hypertension

Renal hypertension

Representatives of secondary hypertension is renal hypertension, due to renal disease by raising blood pressure, renal hypertension and secondary hypertension incidence in the highest and most difficult to cure.

The function of kidneys is to filter blood and remove excess material to be excreted in the urine, in addition to secreting hormone function.

The function of kidneys is to filter blood and remove excess material to be excreted in the urine, in addition to secreting hormone function.

Kidney nephritis and obstacles. When von with impaired kidney function, will be known as Renin in the blood (Renin) increased secretions. This substance just very small amounts can raise blood pressure. Therefore, patients with renal hypertension, antihypertensive, still do not have access to good effect.

At this point, suffering from nephritis kidney treatment and, if necessary, surgery to remove diseased kidneys in order to lower blood pressure.

Nephritis can be divided into acute and chronic. All of them have a close relationship and high blood pressure.

Causes of acute nephritis and hypertension-induced acute kidney injury, is still not fully clear. However, sometimes caused by Streptococcus infection. In addition, the tonsils may also cause acute nephritis.

When mild symptoms, most patients feel nothing, accept the urine test and learned that she had nephritis. However, usually swollen, puffy eye insurance in particular is more notable, plus headaches, shortness of breath, decreased urine output, sometimes there is blood in the urine. So, you should do a urine check research to determine the presence of protein in urine and blood cell increase, so do the right diagnosis and treatment. But this time, systolic pressure and diastolic pressure is higher than usual.

Chronic nephritis and hypertension

Symptoms of chronic nephritis. Sometimes caused by acute nephritis did not completely cure. Plenty of repeat disease manifestations of acute Glomerulonephritis symptoms; some just bloated, containing protein in the urine increases without other symptoms, but merely has high blood pressure, and no oliguria, swelling and other symptoms of Glomerulonephritis.

Mild chronic nephritis, swelling of the face is not clear. However, their blood pressure is higher than usual, so will have symptoms of heart palpitations or shortness.

People suffering from hypertension due to chronic nephritis, without a proper diagnosis and treatment, condition deteriorated sharply, likely to cause swelling, breathing difficulties, anemia, uremia, conditions such as heart failure, cerebral hemorrhage.

Essential hypertension

1, genetic problems

After many years of animal experiments and survey the crowd, already confirmed that genetic factors are important risk factors in primary hypertension.

1959 Japan Okan OTO and Aoki has begun to develop spontaneously hypertensive rats, elevated blood pressure is stable from the 6th generation to 180 mm column, later generations of 100% hypertension, complications and cause hypertension similar to human. Prove that genetic factors influence on etiology of hypertension occurred significantly.

Many studies show that, the father and (or) the mother has high blood pressure, the prevalence rate of hypertension than their parents of their children are normal blood pressure high, relatives of hypertension patients

Disease rates higher than normal blood pressure prevalence of relatives.

Studies have shown, hypertension in twin 63%~69% for population genetic, prompted at least twins crowd, genetic factors on blood pressure than environmental factors are more important.

So far, about what is single gene with essential hypertension, is Polygenic, or both of the problems under study. Most people think that and more on the development of essential hypertension gene.

This elevated blood pressure as the main clinical manifestation and etiology is not clear the independence of disease, it is called primary hypertension, also called high blood pressure.
The physical characteristics of

Hypertensive patients and close genetic relationship, it can be inferred from the above statistics.

As for patients with high blood pressure were suddenly kind of physique is usually face broad, short, Ruddy neck, that is, the physical fitness of obese people.

However, with this Constitution does not represent essential hypertension. Because obese people are many, but not all high blood pressure, is still very low. On the other hand, lean figure who has a lot of high blood pressure.

Studies have found that obesity prevalence of hypertension in 2-6 times that of non-obese people.

In addition, the prospective study found that obese 60 by 11-15 PEI development for high blood pressure, overweight and formation of the effect on blood pressure and hypertension) • children and adolescents that already exists.

Therefore, we can clear: being overweight or obese is a risk factor for hypertension.


Is smaller than a red blood cell and platelet of unshaped pieces of cytoplasm, 150,000 ~30 per 1 cubic mm of blood platelets. It has the function of bleeding and thrombosis.

The nature of blood

Plasma is the liquid component of blood, is slightly water solution, by various proteins such as serum and strong Shirahara, and other components.

Serum ingredient is mostly water. In addition, glue-like proteins and salts of 8.5 GUI, as well as fats and glucose, and so on. It also contain waste such as urine-cable.

The function of blood

Blood has the following main functions:

(1) in the lungs and oxygen, it is delivered to tissues and cells.

(2) the absorption and digestion of nutrition, to transport it to tissues and cells in order to supply

(3) accept waste from cells and tissues, and excreted. Gas excluded from the lungs, and other waste is excluded from the kidneys.

(4) the Leukocyte Phagocytic function of foreign bodies in the blood, and the antibodies in the serum may prevent bacterial infection.

(5) transport hormones, regulate the function of various organs.

(6) the function of blood coagulation and anticoagulation in order to achieve the objective of Hemostatic and anticoagulant.

(7) the blood cells secreting part of the rights issue of polypeptide growth factors involved in the regulation of cell reproduction and differentiation.

Constancy of blood

If changes in the external environment, hydrogen in the blood gang Zi, and enzymes, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, salts and substances such as oxygen content is not changed, which is called the constant of the blood. If constancy of blood lost, the body will produce all sorts of obstacles.

Blood components

Blood circulation throughout the body, the oxygen and nutrients needed to supply the body and will produce carbon dioxide and wastes away. And fighting to keep the body healthy and disease.

Some components in the blood, can make the views of blood coagulation does not occur in the body. However, once outside the blood vessels, will lose liquidity, coagulation and thrombosis.

This is because there is a liquid substance called Fibrinogen in the blood out of the blood vessels. It becomes insoluble substance makes blood clotting. With other proteins of Fibrinogen and serum known as the liquid component of blood, or plasma.

Later said red cells, white cells, platelets, also called formed elements of the blood cells.

1 blood cell and serum

Observed in the outflow of blood in vitro glass containers, she found blood quickly into gel State.

After 5-15 minutes, you can see the clear liquid, this time, blood clots will be gradually reduced. And this narrow blood clots are blood cells, transparent liquid is serum.

2. red blood cells

RBC is one of the formed elements of the blood, red blood cell is a cell without a nucleus, a double concave disc-shaped, it has the function of transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide.

How much do as to the number of red blood cells in the human body, according to statistics, in 1 cubic millimeter of blood, about 5 million red blood cells, and they are free.

Red blood cells are mainly manufactured in the bone marrow, the destruction of red blood cells in the liver of aging. Blood is red, was as a result of red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which will combine with oxygen and will deliver oxygen to the body.

If the blood-forming organs diseases or bleeding. Such as pernicious anemia, acute infectious diseases, will reduce the number of red blood cells. In the thin air of the Highlands, will increase the number of red blood cells.

3. white blood cells is the nucleus of the cell. It had swallowed foreign body, function to prevent bacterial invasion. White blood cells than red blood cells, the number of less is more red blood cells. In a cubic millimeter of blood, white blood cells concentration 6000~8000.

White blood cells are like the Amoeba, deformation and movement all the time. Sometimes it would go beyond the capillaries, stretching its fake enough to capture bacteria and digested by bacteria, which is known as leukocytes phagocytosis. Manufacture of organs of the white blood cells are bone marrow and lymph nodes. White blood cells observed under the microscope, according to white blood cells form will it be divided into three categories. However, calls white blood cells. If some part of axillary, increase in the number of white blood cells in the blood, in order to prevent the spread of inflammation, inflammation controls, white blood cell count King returns to normal levels. However, suffering from typhoid, measles and other diseases, the Mahi will reduce the number of white blood cells.