Risk factors in the early stage of hypertension

1 age, sex, body mass index
Age is the pre hypertension is an important risk factor, along with the age growth increased blood pressure; body mass index, waist circumference pre hypertension risk factors, body mass index higher and higher, the greater the risk; the proportion of male prehypertensive patients with central type obesity and overweight were higher in women.
2 metabolic abnormalities
Overweight, high salt diet, diabetes, impaired fasting glucose, metabolic syndrome, and high cholesterol are all important factors in the development of hypertension in the early stage of hypertension.
3 inflammatory factors
The relationship between high blood pressure and inflammatory factors has been paid more and more attention. Inflammatory factors are involved in the process of inflammation and immune system with a variety of endocrine functions and metabolic function of the low molecular protein. C reactive protein as the main inflammatory factor, the increase in the level of serum can independently predict the risk of cardiovascular disease increased.
4 oxidative stress
Oxidative stress is an imbalance in the body, which can not be removed by the oxidation of free radicals or reactive oxygen species scavenging free radicals or reactive oxygen species, it can make the accumulation of harmful metabolites in the body. Studies have shown that pre hypertension in patients with glutathione peroxidase increased, erythrocyte catalase than normal blood pressure decreased significantly, which may be of glutathione peroxidase in cleaning in excess oxygen free radical products and peroxidase increased accumulation of results.
5 insulin resistance
The sensitivity of the target organ to insulin action is decreased, that is, the normal dose of insulin has a state of lower than normal biological effect. The study showed that the early stage of hypertension was associated with insulin resistance.
6 serum uric acid level
Clinical studies have shown that serum uric acid is associated with an increased risk of hypertension in the future, but also an independent marker of poor prognosis in cardiovascular disease.
7 genetic factors
At present, the identification of multiple genetic polymorphisms and high blood pressure. The family history of hypertension is also a risk factor in the early stage of hypertension, and genetic factors may also be involved in the occurrence and development of hypertension.

Hypertension on cerebral damage

First hazard is, cerebral vascular sclerosis. Hypertension can cause hardening of thearteries due to high pressure blood flow in the long-term impact of cerebral arterywall, causing mechanical damage arterial intimal, so blood fat is deposited in the artery walls easier to form fatty plaque and hardening of the arteries narrow. Vesselscan be imagined as a rubber hose, the normal rubber hose is very flexible, for various reasons can cause ageing of the rubber hose, loses its elasticity, becomes hard and brittle, which is much like the case of arteriosclerosis. Stroke caused by cerebralarteriosclerosis is the most dangerous results, including cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage.
The second hazard is cerebrovascular rupture happened. Broader 4T hardening of the arteries in patients with hypertension, if to a certain degree of cerebral arteriosclerosis, along with excited or overly excited, such as anger, all of a sudden accident,intense exercise, such as, the rapid increase in blood pressure, cerebrovascular hemorrhage, blood will spill into the blood vessels around the brain. This is like agingof rubber hose water pressure suddenly larger, rubber hose breaks, water will flowout of this is a brain hemorrhage. When patients have an immediate coma or severe dizziness, headache, and unclear articulation of nausea and vomiting, incoherent speech (aphasia), paralysis of the left or right side of the body may also occur (dismisses, and so on. This is what we usually call the stroke, acute cerebral vascular disease is one of the most ferocious.
The third hazard is that blocked brain blood vessels. Earlier, we have already said how high blood pressure is caused by hardening of the arteries. After a hardened arteries, it is easy to form blood clots, brain blood vessels become narrower base to Huan, this makes the blood normally transmitted to the brain, causing acute Kui insufficiency, which will cause some brain tissue since suo tens of thousands of dead. Like for some reason caused rubber plumbing BU blockage, such as in the water someof the material and rubber tube Yao Bao Gong reaction material adhesive rubber pipe wall, which Huan cerebral thrombosis. If water is used to irrigate crops in the rubber hose, pipe adhesive on the wall, leading to stenosis, on water may not supply, the crops will be short of water, and if the situation is serious, and, behold, they willdie, which is similar to cerebral infarction. Specific symptoms of cerebral hemorrhage similar headaches, dizziness. Tinnitus, paralysed. Articulation is unclear, a variety of situations such as nausea, vomiting,
Soon unconscious.

Juvenile hypertension

High blood pressure in the past has been seen as endemic diseases in theelderly.


Recently, however, found, 35-45, agree on the measurement of blood pressureis whatever attitude is the largest number of people, but also the highestnumber of hospitals newlydiscovered hypertension a crowd.


As mentioned earlier, we classify high blood pressure depends on age andyoung people suffering from essential hypertension is hypertension in youngand elderly suffering from essential hypertension is high blood pressure in the elderly. Although sometimes the same reasons, there are differences innature.


Young people suffer from high blood pressure are mostly grade 1hypertension, grade 2 hypertension (or more than 160 mm Hg systolicpressure, diastolic pressure more than 95 mm Hg) the situation is rare.


And if a young man found over 160 mm Hg systolic pressure, mostly secondaryhypertension, which is suffering from a disease caused by high blood pressure.


Hypertension in patients below the age of 30 accounted for 15%, most ofwhich are low risk of hypertension.


According to common sense. Low risk hypertension does not need to worry assecondary hypertension. However, such high blood pressure occurs in youngchildren. Do not generalize.


Because age takes place after the low risk of hypertension, such aseffective treatments, there are few cases of renal damage. However, inadolescence, many Prime will have kidney damage, hypertensiveencephalopathy, uremia and other dangerous situations. Malignanthypertension, its characteristic is the proportion of patients younger thanolder people is high.


Therefore, young people suffering from high blood pressure, regardless ofblood pressure is over 160 mmHg or above, or level 1 hypertension, arerequired to be careful.


Secondly, on the circumstances of young people suffering from secondaryhypertension explained. Youth level 1 hypertension, their blood pressure ischaracterized by diastolic high (more than 90 mm Hg or more) than thesystolic blood pressure. Secondary hypertension is the opposite, which isthe systolic blood pressure is high, diastolic blood pressure was lower thanlevel 1 hypertension. In other words, the gap between systolic bloodpressure and diastolic blood pressure values. So, is likely to lead tokidney damage or disease such as cardiac dysfunction.


Cause secondary hypertension is the main reason for young people, includingrenal disease, renovascular disease, pregnancy-induced hypertension andendocrine anomalies, Arteritis, and so on. Arteritis is the aorta and itsmain branches and pulmonary hypertension of chronic nonspecific inflammationcaused by which left and right arm blood pressure difference is great, orhand of high blood pressure and low blood pressure in your feet.


Young people suffer from high blood pressure categories, are compared withthe age after suffering from high blood pressure, found higher proportionwith secondary hypertension, it is clear the reason for this situation more,so the causes of secondary hypertension is raised according to treatment.

On the cause of high blood pressure

On the causes of high blood pressure, in addition to the above essentialhypertension and secondary hypertension, the following situation can makehigh blood pressure:


(1) Japanese encephalitis or bulbar polio.
(2) brain tumor.
(3) patients with hyperthyroidism.
(4) diabetes.
In addition, arteriosclerosis can also make high blood pressure, even atrisk of stroke.


Benign and malignant hypertension high blood pressure


Rapid progress in kidney disease, and heart and brain dysfunction, the high blood pressure is called malignant hypertension. Kidney disease is calledhypertensive nephrosclerosis.


Causes of malignant hypertension, some diseases have worsening symptoms at the outset, and malignant hypertension caused by renal diseases accounted for more than 50%, is twice times for other reasons.


No matter what situation is generally more common in young adults andmiddle-aged people, 80% is 30 years old. To the example of elderly patientswith malignant hypertension, very few and far between.


Systolic and diastolic blood pressure higher than standard blood pressure ischaracteristic of the disease, often continuing at more than 200/130 mm Hg.Other phenomena such as there will be headaches, nausea, vomiting, symptomsare many and obvious.


In contrast, low risk of hypertension in kidney disease, are extremely slow.However, the phenomenon will eventually have kidney atrophy, but takes along time, some decades later.


End of the low risk of hypertension, renal atrophy, but most stay on stageof nephrosclerosis.

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Pregnancy-induced hypertension

Women during pregnancy, blood pressure rises, it can be called ahypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy, with pregnancy-inducedhypertension (PIH) is most common.


PIH occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy, symptoms include edema, proteinuriaand hypertension.


In addition to the above symptoms, sometimes pumping (this symptom is known as eclampsia), which is a more serious situation.


Pregnancy-induced hypertension is one of the characteristics of systemicarterial spasm. Therefore, pregnancy-induced hypertension that is blood vessel spasms. Fundus examination, one finds that spasm of retinal arterynarrowing.


However, the cause of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome is still notclear. Generally thought to be pregnant, placenta due to special materialproduced by the kidney and vascular systems.


However, high blood pressure in pregnant women, are not caused by pregnancy-induced hypertension. Essential hypertension and chronic nephritis occurs.


Hypertension in pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome although there willbe, however, often less than 200/120 mm Hg.


Essential hypertension and high blood pressure caused by chronic nephritis,sometimes greater than 200/120 mm Hg.


Aortic stenosis caused by hypertension


Arteries such as infected by the narrow circumstances, good will have to beset back, so blood pressure will increase.


If it is a congenital anomaly, it cannot be treated with medication, surgerymust be done to heal.


Aortic stenosis caused by high blood pressure, if the disease can be lifethreatening. However, high blood pressure, and other examples of barrierfree. Treatment need according to doctor‘s instructions.